Sales Funnel Basics: Lesson 2

Sales Funnel Basics: Lesson 2

May 29, 2017 Comments Off on Sales Funnel Basics: Lesson 2 By Admin

It’s time for your second lesson in the Sales Funnel Basics Crash Course. In this lesson we will be talking about setting up and tracking your sales funnel system.


We’ll start with a quick example of how a good funnel system works:


You’ll use various methods to send visitors to your lead capture page, website or blog. These methods might include paid advertising, social media marketing, media buys, link swaps and so on.


When they get there you entice them with a free offer of some kind in exchange for them giving you their email address.


That new subscriber automatically receives the free offer, and this part is important: They are redirected to a special offer. This offer is usually something that is steeply discounted and extremely limited time-wise.


If the new subscriber purchases, they’re placed on the customer list. Otherwise they stay on the lead list. Either way, they continue to receive content and promotions from you every day or two, automatically via the autoresponder.


– Tracking


This could be one of the biggest reasons new marketers don’t create affiliate funnels – they don’t know how to fine tune those funnels to make the most money. But the money is in the tracking, because by tracking you know what’s working, what’s not and what needs improving.


You can track everything in your business, and by tracking, you turn your funnel from guesswork into a scientific process that tells you exactly what to do to maximize your profits.


Imagine you’ve got two different versions of your offer and you test both. Version A is making half the sales of version B, so what do you do? You eliminate Version A, send all your traffic to Version B and begin testing to improve Version B even further. Using this method your business is guaranteed to improve over time – It’s that simple.


If you don’t track and test, then every sale you get will be from sheer luck. In addition, you will be leaving more money on the table than you can even guess. Not only do you lose all the profit you would have made from the increased conversions, but you also lose all the profit you could have made by reinvesting the extra profit into more traffic.


That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking about choosing the right market to target and setting up your lead generation page.

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