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    LinkedIn Ads Tips and Strategies


    Top ways to boost profits with LinkedIn advertising
    With two ‘professionals’ signing up to the site every second, it’s fair to say that LinkedIn has become a suitable place to reach B2B marketers. There are multiple methods to reach your prospects online, but most of them are often time consuming and ROI generated through them is hard to measure.
    But with LinkedIn advertising you can get in front of your ideal prospects with pinpoint accuracy and within a couple of minutes. LinkedIn provides you with three distinct advertising formats which are:
    > Text ads
    > Sponsored Content ads
    > InMail ads
    This year, LinkedIn is all set to roll out video ads for marketers to take their marketing efforts one step further.
    Each ad format has its own benefits, you just need to experiment with them to find the best for your campaign.
    So now the big question, How to take advantage from LinkedIn ads?
    Here are the top five things that would help you make a significant difference in the performance and results generated through a LinkedIn advertising campaign.
    * Nail your targeted audiences:
    Targeting your prospects, may sound an easy to-do task but involves a little more demanding work. Here are a few things to remember while targeting prospects through LinkedIn.
    > Keep your targeting list short: Make use of LinkedIn’s audience expansion feature instead of building an exhaustive targeting list.
    > Use Skill Targeting: With this you can target people involved in specific areas. Skill is the top performing approach that provides more volume and is cost efficient.
    > Use negatives: Instead of adding new targeting requirements, consider excluding segments you don’t want to reach.
    * Go Mobile:
    Better user experience means higher engagement. More than 50% of LinkedIn Visitors access the platform via mobile devices and around 70% of clicks in the main streams are from mobile devices. Optimize your posts, PDFs, etc. according to mobile devices to provide the best user experience.
    * Add value to your brand:
    B2B marketers love to position the business value of their content and solutions like how to reduce costs, improve profitability, drive growth, etc. But unless you are marketing directly to owners, these aren’t the primary motivators.
    Don’t promise to increase profits, growth, or business efficiency, even though that is the space your target audience is looking for. Instead, promise them to take the hassle out, by giving the information they need. And yes, it works extremely well.
    * Hack your social proof:
    Social proof in the form of positive comments, matters a lot when it comes to LinkedIn. Positive comments help in validating your offers and at the same time create brand credibility.
    Comments on your posts and offers, grabs attention and builds a higher engagement rate. An ad with positive comments significantly outperforms the rest of the campaign, yet the exact same ad in another campaign without the comments remains unnoticed.
    * Track and optimize:
    LinkedIn supports tracking ad campaign links which helps you to take the right turn and optimize your posts and offers to generate higher benefits.
    To generate the best results, you need to first understand how to set up campaign and which ad format works best for you. Take time to figure out which targeting approach you should use.
    LinkedIn video advertising: 5 ways B2B marketers should prepare
    According to recent studies, “online video will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020”. When it comes to B2B marketing, video content holds the utmost importance.
    Most of the social media networks already offer in-stream video advertising which is highly cost-effective. It can be difficult to hone in on niche B2B audiences through these platforms and this often results in wasted investments.
    But the best part is LinkedIn has also introduced native video advertising as a new feature which will bring a big opportunity for B2B marketers.
    Here are the top 5 ways B2B marketers should prepare for LinkedIn video advertising.
    * Create segmentation that is focused on target customers
    Marketers must identify individuals that fit their ideal customer profile and develop ways to engage them at each step of the customer journey. One can’t limit the efforts to be guesswork: segmentation must be navigated by data, focusing investment on individuals with commercial value to the business to ensure ROI and avoid wasting resources and time.
    * Ensure video content is aligned to audience motivations
    Establishing an emotional connection with your audience requires more than a beautiful, vibrant video. Your message must be aligned to each segment’s current challenges and motivations, and relevant to their position in the customer journey.
    * Optimize video as per audience behavior
    Most LinkedIn users login through mobile devices. Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile connections, small screen-sizes, and devices set to mute. Ensure key messages are communicated at the start of every video, as most users will not watch to completion.
    * Optimize by commercial outcomes
    With demand generation, investments in video advertising must be measured – and optimized – by commercial outcomes. Establish KPIs that you understand, and that track key events along with the customer journey. Ultimately demonstrating the business impact of your activity.
    * Integrate with your sales team
    Successful demand generation programs integrate with both marketing and sales. LinkedIn’s targeting options i.e. video content isn’t just for the top of funnel – it can play a significant role in starting, nurturing, and converting prospects.
    Make sure your strategy covers all stages of the customer journey, and supports your sales team as they work to close deals.
    As per news from LinkedIn, LinkedIn video ads will offer brands the same targeting options as other LinkedIn advertising options, targeting via data from member profiles, such as company size, geography and job title, as well as via LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

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