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How to Increase Your Facebook Ads Profits

September 8, 2017 Comments Off on How to Increase Your Facebook Ads Profits By Admin

Any money you spend on an advertising campaign should always be an investment. That is to say that the amount you get out should be dwarfed by the amount you put in, so that you can continue to spend more and see your profits rise and rise.
Unfortunately, this isnt how every Facebook Ads campaign looks to every marketer. Many of us will pay for Facebook Ads and find that we dont see that money back that rather our profits are stunted and we feel as though were haemorrhaging cash.
So whats going wrong, And how can you fix the problem, Here are some things to try
One thing to look at is your targeting and whether or not youre reaching the right people with your ads. The aim here is not to reach as many people as possible and get as many clicks as you can. In fact, getting too many clicks is worse than not getting enough! Instead, the objective is to more of the right kind of visitors. Try using more stringent targeting in your ads and try thinking about ways to prevent the wrong type of person clicking on your ad.
Sales Pitch
Something to think about is that it might not be a problem with your adverts but rather a problem with your landing page. If you are paying to send visitors to a page where they can buy a product, then you need to ensure that you are effectively persuading visitors to click buy and that you are effectively making your product sound and look exciting.
The Product
Or perhaps the problem is even more fundamental still, Maybe your product simply isnt that appealing. In this case, you might want to consider changing your tactic and properly researching the market before investing in your next item to sell.
Or perhaps its just that the price isnt right for that product, Try tweaking the price and see if that helps you to improve your conversion rates and profits.
It can take a while to land on the perfect combination of price, product and advert and experimentation will unfortunately cost you money. Make sure that you experiment in ways that wont cost the Earth then perhaps in a smaller niche to begin with for instance. This way, you can hone your skills in an easier environment and then translate that perfect campaign to your ideal niche.

How to Create Amazing Video Ads for Facebook

September 1, 2017 Comments Off on How to Create Amazing Video Ads for Facebook By Admin

Facebook Ads have a ton of advantages but one of the biggest is the ability to adapt the tool to the kind of campaign youre most interested in running. You can use images as adverts for example but you can also use videos. And actually, using a video can be a fantastic way to have a much stronger impact on your audience.
They say an image can tell a thousand words so imagine what a video can do with motion, sound, music and a script. This is a very powerful way to convey a message and also to convey a feeling and emotion that you want your audience to associate with your brand. Its a fantastic way to move someone to download an app, buy a product or otherwise take action.
But to get the best effect, you need to ensure your video advert is designed accordingly. Here are some tips that will help out to that end.
Use Professional Tools
The first tip is to use professional tools. That means a high quality camera but also a high quality mic and lighting. Your camera should be at least 1080p but its actually just as important that your video is well lit and sounds crisp and professional. If your voice is muffled and the image looks grainy and dark, then no one is going to want to watch for long!
Likewise, using the right editing software such as Adobe Premiere can make a big difference and help you to create a more polished final product.
Think about your back drop too and make sure it is fitting for your video. Your Mums living room is not a professional place to advertise a product!
This is all very important because it will allow you to give your video professional production values. This will cause your audience to assume that your products themselves must be similarly professional!
The Message
Also important is how you convey your message. The first key pointer here is to keep your video on the short side. You want it to be watched all the way through, so make it no more than three minutes. Likewise, try to get to your point quickly. Long, slow introductions simply cause people to stop watching. Show your product in action and add immediate sales patter to explain what it is before you get into why people should want it.

Advanced Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads

August 25, 2017 Comments Off on Advanced Targeting Strategies for Facebook Ads By Admin

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Ads is the ability to target your ads specifically at particular audiences. This means that you can ensure only people who are likely to want to buy from you see your ads and that you arent wasting any of your budget on clicks that dont end up converting.
Facebook, like many other social networks and advertising platforms, allows you to target your ads based on all the usual demographics such as age and sex. Where Facebook goes above and beyond though, is in providing you with advanced tools to target people by a range of different factors. Consider some of these impressive options and build them into your own campaign
More Specific Targeting
Firstly, Facebook Ads allows you to target your audience based on a lot more metrics than just those main two. You can also target based on location for instance, by selecting a location on a map and then deciding how far outside that location you want your marketing to spread.
Better yet, you can also target your audience based on their hobbies and interests so that you could sell a weights bench only to fitness fanatics for instance. You can also look at your audience based on things like their likelihood of owning property, thereby ascertaining whether or not theyre likely to have the space for your weights bench.
Advanced Filtering
Being able to choose these specific stats and show ads accordingly would be impressive enough on its own. However, Facebook goes above and beyond by allowing you to filter your audience by looking for specific combinations of those elements and even by excluding people in certain groups!
Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads also offers the handy ability to remarket. This means that your showing people ads after they have already been to your website and shown an interest in what youre selling. If someone lingers on the checkout button and changes their mind for instance, you can later show them your advert at a time when they may be filling a little more impulsive.
Custom Lists
Even more handy is the ability to create your own custom audience. You can do this by using emails collected for a mailing list for example and Facebook will then attempt to assign each of those emails to a relevant Facebook contact. They can even find you more people to advertise to who fall into similar categories based on your list!

Some Useful Facebook Ads Terminology

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When reading about Facebook ads, it can sometimes feel like reading another language. This is a form of PPC Ads and thats a huge subject when it comes to online marketing. Over time, countless acronyms and jargon terms have emerged and this can make it all a little hard to keep track of. But read on and youll discover a handy guide to all of the most common terms and hopefully this will make it a little easier for you to navigate other articles in future.
To begin with, what is PPC, Simply, this is Pay Per Click and means that youre only paying once an advert gets clicked. If your ad is ignored, then you dont pay a penny.
CPC stands for Cost Per Click. The term can be used interchangeably with PPC, or it can be used to describe the actual amount that youre paying for each individual click.
While Cost Per Click tells you how much you pay for each click, CPM tells you how much you are paying for your ads to get seen. Specifically, this means Cost Per Impression but actually refers to the amount for every 1,000 impressions. You can choose to pay on a CPM basis rather than CPC on Facebook but it can also be a useful metric that shows the average amount youre paying for your ads taking into account impressions and CTR.
An impression is whenever your ad is shown on a page.
CTR is click through rate and tells you how often your ads are getting clicked. Often, the higher your CTR the better but only if those clicks are later leading to sales!
CPA is another method for pricing ads. This means Cost Per Action, which in turn means that youre only paying each time someone takes a kind of action on your site.
An action can be anything from buying a product, to liking a Facebook page, to signing up for a mailing list. A Call to Action is a button that encourages said action.
Remarketing is a type of marketing where youre targeting people who have previously been to your website.
Targeting means that youre approaching particular demographics for your ads and trying to avoid people who might be unlikely to buy from you.
Maximum Bid
This is the most you are willing to pay for each click on an advert.

Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads

August 11, 2017 Comments Off on Copywriting Strategies for Your Facebook Ads By Admin

The right copywriting for your Facebook ads can absolutely supercharge your profits and help you to see breakthroughs in your sales and conversion rates. While targeting and your choice of image are important, its the text on your ad that will eventually cause viewers to either click or pass up on your ad and this is why you need to think carefully about how best to phrase it.
This post will help you get your copy just right for getting the right kind of person to click on your ads and hopefully order your products and services.
The Title
The first thing you need to concentrate on is the way you write the heading of your advert, which is initially what will grab attention and ensure people take notice of your ad. Remember though, the objective is not to get lots of clicks but rather to get the right people to click. Thus, you may find it actually makes sense to try and put some people off of clicking your ads so that you arent paying for visitors who wont be interested in your brand. Make it very clear what it is youre selling/what your site is about and even consider including the price in your ad.
The Description
You only have a very limited number of characters to play with in your description so it needs to be good. Try to make your product sound appealing by focussing on the value proposition how will your customers lives be better as a result of ordering your product,
At the same time, think about how you can remove the barriers to sale. These are the concerns that might prevent people from wanting to buy your products – perhaps theyre worried it wont do what they want it to, or maybe theyre concerned about buying from an unknown brand. Making it clear that you offer a money back guarantee can help for instance, as can making it clear that your order process is very quick and easy.
Finally, remember that you can show a lot more information in an image. Think about what your image will be before you write your text as this way you can ensure that the two complement one another rather than covering the same ground and essentially becoming redundant.
Dont forget to experiment and to try altering your text over time to see if it can improve your CTR and conversions!

How Much Should You Spend on Your Facebook Ads

August 4, 2017 Comments Off on How Much Should You Spend on Your Facebook Ads By Admin

One of the great things about Facebook Ads is that it is entirely flexible in terms of your budget. You can set not only how much you are willing to spend per day but also how much you are willing to spend on any single click on your ads.
But while this flexibility is good news when it comes to finding the right audience, it also adds to the challenge somewhat as now youre going to have to decide how much you should be spending on your ads with such freedom, theres a whole lot more to think about!
How do you calculate this and ensure you get it right,
Working Out Your Conversion Rate and Profits
The first thing to do, is to calculate what your precise profit is each time you turn a visitor into a customer. What are your overheads on each product (your cost of goods sold) and what is your asking price,
Next, ask yourself what your conversion rate is. For every 1,000 people who visit your website, how many people buy a product, It might be one, it might be .01 or it might be 50. Whatever the case, this will now allow you to work out how much each visitor is worth to you.
So if you have 1,000 visitors and 2 of them earn you $30, youre making $60 per 1,000 visits. That means that your visitors are worth 6cents each to you. That in turn means that you can afford to pay 6 cents per click and guarantee you will breakeven. If you pay 5 cents per click, you should be guaranteed to make a profit.
There are a few complications and considerations however that make this a little less straightforward than it may initially appear.
For starters, you need to consider what your customer lifetime value is (CLV). In other words, some customers might order more than once and that means you can afford to pay a little more.
The other thing to consider is your cash flow and the fact that you might not perfect your adverts right away. You need to save a little budget in order to experiment with things like targeting and therefore to get the perfect conversion rate. Make sure you dont burn through your entire budget on day one then and save some for experimentation!

How to Find Products to Sell on Facebook Ads

July 28, 2017 Comments Off on How to Find Products to Sell on Facebook Ads By Admin

Being able to use Facebook Ads effectively is an incredibly useful skill that will allow you to show effective ads to a highly tailored audience. This can then help you to sell pretty much any product and to build a brand that people will really respond to.
But while all this is true, theres something else you need to be able to do if this is going to be effective: find the right product!
The best advertising platform in the world isnt going to be much use unless you have some form of monetization. So now the question becomes: what is it that youre trying to sell, How can you make a product if you dont just so happen to own a factory,
One simple way to make money selling products on Facebook is as a reseller. This simply means that youre buying products from a wholesaler and selling them on for more. You can start off buying small quantities and then build them up over time in order to make bigger profits reinvesting the money you make as you go.
The only risk with reselling is that you can end up ordering stock that doesnt shift, thereby losing cash. The other downsides are that you need to store the products yourself (which takes up space) and you need to handle deliver.
Dropshipping solves all of these problems by allowing you to sell products that someone else produces and delivers. All you need to do is to pass the orders on to the dropshipper and theyll ship them out!
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing means that youre selling products on behalf of a product creator and getting a commission. If you do this for a digital product such as an ebook and use a platform such as JVZoo or ClickBank, then you can stand to make up to 70%! Amazon meanwhile will allow you to sell a lot more things but only offers around 4-8% commission in most cases.
Making a Product
Finally, you could always make a product yourself. The obvious choice will be a digital product such as an ebook or an online course, as youll be able to create the materials just once and then profit from them endlessly.
Alternatively though, you can make a physical product, which will involve finding a manufacturer and creating a spec sheet and blueprint.

How Create Great Images for Your Facebook Ads

July 21, 2017 Comments Off on How Create Great Images for Your Facebook Ads By Admin

When scrolling through your Facebook homefeed, some adverts will instantly catch your eye, whereas others youll simply pass-by.
So what is the difference between these, Which ones really grab your attention and which ones fail to make any impression,
Often, the difference comes down to the image that is used. While a headline can make a big difference too, an image can convey a lot more information in a much shorter time and as such is potentially more potent when it comes to quickly getting us to sit up and take note.
This then begs the question as to what it is exactly about certain images that makes us pay attention. And how can you channel this in your own advertising campaigns in order to ensure that you get the maximum bang for your buck,
Images That Grab Attention
The first thing to think about is what type of image gets us to look up in the first place. Studies show for example that images of people are more likely to get us to pay attention than any other object or subject matter. We are simply hardwired to pay attention to faces and other humans because it has clear evolutionary value.
The other type of image that grabs attention is anything that uses high contrasting colors. If your images are bright red or yellow, then this will make them pop off the page more. Red in particular always makes us take notice and this works particularly well on the light blue/white background of Facebooks UI.
Tell a Story
Getting attention is your first objective. Getting your audience to actually engage with the advert and consider clicking it is the next.
To do this, it can help to try and tell a story through your image. Dont simply show what it is you want your audience to think about but instead try to evoke it and hint at it. For example, if your advert was about a party, then it might actually work better to show a lipstick stained glass rather than showing the party itself. This forces the viewer to imagine what the image is trying to show, which instantly grabs their attention and makes them more inclined to actually think about your advert versus scrolling past.
What you want them to imagine meanwhile is always going to relate to your value proposition. In other words, ask yourself what kind of lifestyle is linked to your product and how you want your audience to feel looking at it.

How to Use Facebook Ads to Build a Mailing List

July 14, 2017 Comments Off on How to Use Facebook Ads to Build a Mailing List By Admin

Using Facebok Ads is a great way to sell a product and if you set this up correctly, then you can ensure that you will pay less for each click than you earn from each visitor on average. That means that your advertising campaign will make you direct ROI and you can keep investing more into your daily budget and getting more out of it in kind.
But thats only one way to use Facebook Ads, which actually have a plethora of different applications. Another example is to use them to build a mailing list and this can work incredibly well when it comes to selling big ticket items. Heres how.
Work Out Your CLV
The first thing to do, is to work out your CLV. This is your Customer Lifetime Value and it basically tells you how much each lead that engages with your brand is going to be worth to you. The idea is that someone who subscribes to your mailing list is likely to be a fan and therefore is likely to buy a product from you. Moreover, theyre likely to buy multiple products from you. If you have a subscriber who buys 10 products from you over the course of a year, then theyre worth a lot more than they might appear on paper.
In order to calculate how much your subscribers are worth to you then, you need to work out what the average amount each subscriber has earned you so far is. Add up the total and divide it by the number of subscribers. This is your CLV.
Now comes the next acronym: CPA or Cost Per Action. This basically means that youre paying for a particular action to be carried out, other than a click. You can choose from a variety of actions but the one were interested in of course is people subscribing to your mailing list. Using CPA in this way, you now only pay for subscribers, rather than paying for people who click and then may or may not subscribe to your list.
If you have previously calculated your CLV then this becomes a very simple formula for profiting from your mailing list. All you need to do is ensure you pay less for each subscriber than their CLV and that way, youll keep increasing your profits over time without any drawbacks!

How to Create a Winning Facebook Page

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If youre going to be successful in Facebook advertising, then it is crucial to have a great page for your business to begin with. Your Facebook page will act as a hub for your business and will provide a convenient way for people to reach you to ask questions, learn more about your brand, or just decide to follow you even if they dont end up clicking on the advert itself.
But what makes a winning Facebook page, How do you ensure that you will be making the right impression and building a big following, Lets take a look at some tips that will help
What is absolutely key when creating a great Facebook page or any kind of marketing material, is that you have a strong brand. This should be used to tie your Facebook page, your website and any other elements of your business together in order to create coherence and consistency across your messaging and to help give your campaign a more professional sheen.
The key to this is consistency. That means that every social media channel you are on should use the same imagery with the same logo and same name and this should also be present on your main website. This ensures that your audience will always know that theyre on the right page and will help to reinforce your brand and improve your visibility and awareness.
Note that your branding doesnt just mean your logo. It also means having the color scheme for instance and the right imagery for your cover image.
Call to Action
It is now possible to include a call to action button right on your Facebook page. This can be something like a link to your website for example and its a great way to ensure that your Facebook page helps you to convert visitors into leads and customers.
While your logo and your cover image should somewhat hint at the topic of your site and Facebook page, it will be the description that explicitly lays it out for your audience. This is important as it can help to sell the vision you have for your business and convince more visitors to hit like and become followers.
Again, the key here is coherence and having a single, powerful message throughout all of your marketing materials, your adverts, your logo and your site. This way, you will hopefully strike a chord with your audience and bring more people on board!