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Google Keywords Tool – 3 Tips Plus More

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The internet is the only place I know of where you can get access to so many valuable tools for free. One of the most widely used of these free tools is the Google keywords tool. This online resource is available to everyone who wants to use it and the best part about it, besides the fact that it’s free, is the fact that it’s very easy to use.

Don’t let it’s ease of use and the fact that it’s free distract you from the real power of this tool. There are very few things you can do online from a marketing standpoint (actually there may not be any. I can’t think of one right at the moment) where you don’t need a great list of highly searched for keywords.

Who better to turn to for that information than the biggest search engine around, They most certainly have access to what their searchers are looking for online as well as what words and phrases they are using for that search.

Most of the time, it will make sense to follow some basic steps when undertaking keyword research:

1. First things first. Use your head,think up a list of 10 or so ‘base keywords’. These are very general keywords and would probably be too broad and too competitive for you to target, they are just the first step.

2. Take your preliminary list and head over to the research tool. Plug each of these broad keyword phrases into the software, it’s very easy. Each of the broad phrases will give you a smaller, more drilled down list. Some of the words and phrases will show up more than once, but you will get some new phrases. Also, not all the phrases will work for your niche, but again, you’ll get some ideas of other possible keywords.

3. From these two steps you’ll probably already have a pretty long keyword list. A few things you’ll need to remember is that these lists will be good, but don’t think for one minute that all of the good keywords will be included on the list… they won’t be.

Also, don’t make the mistake of paying too much attention to the estimates of cost per click, average monthly searches or competition. These are only broad ideas.

Many new online marketers will make a huge mistake when it comes to keyword research. They will focus on the most highly searched phrases they can find. They will figure that if that many people are using a certain keyword than it will make sense for them to use that keyword and benefit from all that traffic.

Sounds good, doesn’t it, The only problem is that hundreds of thousands of other online marketers have the same idea. The keyword may get a ton of searches but it’s also going to have a ton of competition.

Instead focus on those keywords that ‘fly under the radar’. They still get a lot of monthly searches, but they aren’t as competitive which means you’ll have an easier time of getting ranked for those keywords and/ or you’ll pay less per click for those keywords. All this information will be yours when you use the Google keywords tool.

Google Keywords – Can Make Or Break You

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Using Google keywords tools makes your online life a little easier. You don’t have to pay monthly subscription to get accurate, up to date keyword information. This free keyword tool can help anyone with their online marketing efforts.

No matter what type of online advertising you are doing, having a great list of targeted keywords is imperative. If you don’t, you will either have ineffective campaigns or you will waste a lot of money on pay per click campaigns, or both. There is a fine line between a good keyword and a keyword that simply has too much competition.

You need to find the keywords that land somewhere in the middle between a decent amount of searches and too much competition. That is a rookie mistake: thinking that a keyword that gets a ton of searches every month is a good keyword to target. The truth is that any keyword like that will be hugely competitive.

Even if you can afford to spend the money on that keyword, why, In virtually every niche online there are many, many keywords that aren’t so competitive that it will cost you an arm and a leg to advertise with them yet you can still get a lot of monthly searches. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment I would steer clear of the overly competitive keywords and focus more of your attention on those keywords that fly under the radar.

A good rule of thumb is to target keyword phrases that have three or more words, get at least 1,500 searches a month and have less than 20,000 competitors. These parameters will be a great place to start. You will be able to tune it in more as you go along but you need somewhere to start, so use this guideline.

When doing your keyword research make sure that you carefully consider the parameters for the exact type of campaign you are planning on running. For example, if you are running a pay per click (PPC) campaign, you’ll want to have a ball park idea of how much each keyword will cost you when it’s clicked on.

The average cost per click is one of the details you can include in your keyword research. Of course, this is just an estimate, but it gives you a place to start. Another thing you may want to consider is the amount of competition. This too can be found (an estimate only, it’s not a ‘solid’ number) when doing keyword research using the Google keyword tool. All of this can be put together to give you a snap shot of what keywords are good ones to go after and which ones will most likely be a waste of time.

Out of all the major search engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo, Google is the top dog. You can benefit from their knowledge about the people who are using their search engine to find information online.

Using Google keywords will give you a unique insight as to what words and phrases people are looking for when doing a search online. Finding these keywords can be like finding a treasure map. If you put together a great campaign using great keywords it’s just a matter of time until you’ll find internet treasure.

Google Keyword Search Tool – Target Your Niche

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Using the Google keyword search tool can help you find a great list of keywords for your online advertising. Most people know that their first job with their online business is to get as much traffic (highly targeted traffic) to their website as possible. One of the neat things about an online business is that there are many different ways you can go about doing this. Even though many of the methods to drive traffic are very different they all need one thing: keywords.

The free keyword tool that Google offers allows you to find lists of great keywords you can use for your online campaigns. You can than use those keywords in various marketing campaigns such as Pay Per Click(PPC), article marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to name a few.

The keyword tools will allow you to specify certain parameters when you do your keyword research. You can choose things like the average estimated cost per click, average estimated competition and the total number of monthly searches.

Don’t overlook the words ‘average’ and ‘estimates’ in these categories. Don’t expect this information to be spot on, it’s not. It’s just a starting point in your research.

Most people will start their keyword research by targeting a broad phrase, such as ‘make money online’. From there they will drill down to find slightly more obscure keywords The reason for that is simple, such as broad phrase as ‘make money online’ will be extraordinarily expensive and competitive.

Unless you really know what you’re doing or you have very deep pockets you’ll be much better off targeting some keywords that don’t get quite as many searches since they’ll be far less competitive and costly.

So instead of targeting the broad phrases that you found when you did your first search, you can use some of those results and run the search again using some of the more obscure terms. Let’s say your search using the broad term ‘make money online’ gave you a result of ‘moms can make money online’ (I’m just making this up, I don’t know what the numbers for any of these things may actually be, this is just an example),

The more defined ‘moms can make money online’ will almost be guaranteed to have fewer searches per month but the good news is that they’ll also be much less competitive and expensive (that keyword would probably still be a winner because it is highly targeted and a lot of the people who would click on it are moms who want to make money online and would be likely to buy a course that can show them how to do just that).

The exact parameters you’ll use when you do your keyword research will vary depending on just what type of advertising you are doing. Just don’t take the Google keyword search tool for granted just because it’s free. It’s a great resource and can help you out with your traffic if you know how to use it the right way and what to look for.

Google Keyword Research – Getting It On Target

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Does your online marketing require you to have a long list of top notch keywords, For most every form of online advertising the answer would be a resounding ‘yes’. There are many tools you can use to perform your keyword research and one of the best one (and it’s free) is the Google keyword research tool. Google is king of the search engines and with all that traffic you know that they have a handle on what words and phrases people are searching for online.

You can leverage their knowledge and use it to your own benefit. By using their keyword tool to target a great list of keywords you’ll be ready for whatever type of online marketing campaign you’re planning on running. Whether you do pay per click, search engine optimization, article marketing or a combination of all of them, having access to such an intuitive keyword tool can make your online marketing life a lot easier.

Of course, it’s generally not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket or to depend on online statistics too heavily. When you do a search using this keyword tool you can set it up to provide you with a lot of information. You can get the number of monthly searches, an estimate of how much a certain keyword will cost per click if you’re running a pay per click campaign, as well as an estimate of how many competitors you’ll face in any given niche.

All these statistics will offer you only general estimates so don’t set up your campaigns and expect it all to go according to the estimates. If you find a great keyword that you want to use and the keyword tool says that the average cost per click is $1.34 you have to be aware that your actual cost could be higher or lower. Don’t get too caught up in the estimates.

The actual amount you’ll pay per click will depend on many variables. One of these variables is the quality score your ad has been given by Google. The quality score is based on many things, one of them is your click through rate (the number of times your ad is clicked on in comparison to how many times it’s shown).

The more targeted your ad is to your keyword the more clicks you’ll get, or at least that is the way Google looks at it. If two competitors are each bidding on the same keyword, the one who has the highest quality score will get charged less for that keyword than their competitor.

The way Google looks at it, a high click through rate is kind of like an endorsement that your ad is relevant and on target. The searchers like it so Google likes it.

When it comes to using the free Google keyword research tool just be careful that you don’t get too caught up in the numbers. The average cost per click and the average monthly searches are just to give you an overall idea of if the keyword is viable or not, these numbers are not written in stone.

Google Adwords Tips – Learn Before DIY

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One of the best Google adwords tips I can give you is to not consider this a do it yourself type of traffic tool. Adwords has many elements to it and if you want to make more money than you spend you will need to find someone, or some course, to teach you how to get the most out of it.

Pay Per click (PPC) can work exceptionally well at getting hordes of very targeted traffic to your website virtually instantly. Of course, you may be asking, if it’s so good, why doesn’t everyone use it,

That is the crux of the matter. PPC is not an easy thing to learn how to do. It will take time and you need to be willing to invest not only the time but the money too. You will need to carefully test and track various elements of each ad that you place. In the start you will spend way more money than you will earn.

Another challenge is that Google isn’t really worried to much about you or your advertising budget, they are more concerned that their searchers get what they are looking for. The searchers on any of the search engines are the real customers and if they don’t find what they want they’ll go elsewhere. That is why Google wants to make sure to keep them happy by providing them with just what they’re looking for.

To do this, Google will periodically change the way they do things. They will rewrite an algorithm or make other changes and if you’re not right on top of those changes you can find that the ad that once made you a lot of money is now costing you a lot of money.

Here are a few tips that you can use to optimize your PPC campaigns:

1. Find a course or a mentor who can teach you the ins and outs of PPC advertising. If you try to just jump in and figure it all out on your own you had better make sure you have a lot of time and very deep pockets.

2. Carefully choose the keywords you use. Don’t even try to compete for the one or two word keywords since they will almost always have so much competition you’ll be spending way too much per click. Instead focus on the keyword phrases that have 3, 4, or 5 words in them. These ‘long tailed keywords’ can fly under the radar yet still get you some decent click through rates (CTR’s).

3. Always test your ads. You can do this by having several versions of each ad running at the same time. Find out which headlines get the most clicks. Which body text gets the most clicks, etc. Keep testing until you’ve got a winning ad. When testing make sure you only change one element at a time otherwise you won’t know which change really made the difference.

Out of all the google adwords tips I can give you the one I think is the most important is to find someone to show you the ropes. PPC is effective if you know how to do it right, but if not it can very quickly become a money pit.

Google Adwords Qualified Company – Check Them Out

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Many internet marketers understand the value of having a Google Adwards pay per click campaign. If done right, this type of traffic generation can insure a virtually never ending stream of extremely targeted visitors to your website. The problem is, that it’s very rarely done right because there are just so many facets to running a successful campaign. Before you hire a company to help you run your Adwords campaigns make sure they are a Google adwords qualified company.

While any company who has this certification is by no means endorsed by Google, it is an indication that they’ve spent the time to learn the techniques needed to run a successful campaign. Basically it’s a good starting point but before you turn your hard earned money over to anyone it’s up to you to make sure that they really are qualified.

Some of the basic steps that must be completed in order to gain certification are:

1. You must sign up for the Adwords qualified individual program and remain in good standing. This is basically just a promise that you will abide by the terms of service Google establishes.

2. You need to maintain at least one Adwords account, it can be yours or for someone who has hired you. You need to maintain this account for at least 3 months. This is a win/ win for the person undergoing the certification process and Google. It allows you to gain in your knowledge base and allows Google to ‘see you in action’ and make sure you know what you’re doing. During this time you will need to maintain at least $1,000 USD total spent through the Adwords account.

As with all things internet, and especially with Google, things online are constantly changing and evolving. It’s for that reason that Google improved the certification program after implementing changes in the Adwords platform. It was their way to make sure that everyone who had the certification is up to date on the latest Adwords features and policies.

The new certification process requires the person taking the certification to not only pass the fundamentals exam but they must also take, and pass, one of three more advanced components. This is again, just a way to ensure the continued quality of anyone who is advertising them self as a Google certified professional.

Once an individual or company completes the certification process they can display the Google GAP logo on their site. Google also helps them promote themselves by creating a profile for any individual or company that has completed the training.

Besides the huge advantage to anyone hiring these highly trained Adwords professionals for their own traffic generation, the holder of these certificates is also rewarded with many perks. A badge for their website, a profile listing them as a Google partner on Googles search directory, they can also gain access to a lot of training and development events that the average customer simply does not get access to.

So, before you hire a company to manage your Adwords account for you, make sure that they are qualified. Look for a google adwords qualified company.

Google Adwords Professional – Getting Certified For Success

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No matter what type of online business you are building, the one thing you will need is a steady stream of qualified visitors to your website. There are many ways online that you can find traffic. They usually fall into one of two categories: slow, cheap and easy, or fast and complicated. Google Adwords tends to fall into the latter category which is why many people would like to hire a Google adwords professional to help them set up and run their PPC campaigns.

Of course, there is another option: you could undergo the certification process yourself and then not only learn to run your own effective Google Adwords campaign you could also charge other people to run their campaigns for them.

Getting the certification yourself will not only help you hone your PPC skills but will give you another income stream for your online business. It’s the best of both worlds. This is definitely a good option for anyone who has the time but doesn’t have the money to hire someone to run their campaigns for them.

If you want to go this route all you need to do is sign up for free. You will find all the training you need, from the most basic all the way up to advanced techniques. And the coolest part, It’s all free.

You will have access to all the tutorials that come in both video and text format and you can go through the information at your own pace. Once you’ve mastered the beginning skills you can take your ‘education’ all the way to the top and become a certified Google professional. Once you reach that state people will actually pay you to help them with their PPC campaigns. How cool is that,

Once you are ready you will have to pay a fee to take the test. Last time I checked it was only $50 (though that might change, so check first). But even so, a $50 investment in your business is peanuts. And if you consider that you can charge people to help them with their campaigns it just becomes a very smart business investment.

As I said, other than the cost of the test, the tutorials are free. Just be careful of any program that wants to charge you a fee to teach you how to be better with Adwords. Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent programs out there that can teach you how to successfully run your own Adwords campaigns, but there are also some that don’t even come close to delivering what they promise.

Before you buy make sure you do your due diligence and thoroughly check them out. Find testimonials, go to forums and ask around about certain programs (just be careful, you know that most people like to complain so carefully evaluate the claims both pros and cons. Make sure you don’t listen to someone who just has an ax to grind).

Whether you want to hire a google adwords professional to help you with your PPC campaign or you want to become a professional yourself, be willing to commit to it fully and you’ll be very happy with the results you get.

Google Adwords Login – Targeted Trafic For You

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Many people who are trying to make money online will use Google Adwords to generate quality traffic to their website or offer. As you all know, your number 1 job online is to get targeted traffic to your website. There are a lot of ways to do it but one of the best ways to really target the traffic you get is to use pay per click (PPC) advertising. Step one to make PPC work for you is to use your Google Adwords login.

Pay Per Click works like this: you, as the advertiser, signs up with Google Adwords (the other search engines also have PPC advertising available, they just aren’t called Adwords). You can set up multiple campaigns where you will place an ad (think of the ads you see on the top, bottom and sides of results pages when you do a search on Google).

When you are setting up your campaign one of the most important things you will do is to target certain keywords. These keywords will be directly related to your niche or product. You have to spend some time doing keyword research to find out what words or phrases people are searching for when they search for your product or service. Once you’ve got your list compiled, you will than have to bid on each keyword.

This is where it can get tricky. It’s not an active bidding process where you have to sit at your computer, instead you will enter your daily budget as well as your top bid price per keyword and the bidding basically goes on behind closed doors.

The problem with this type of process is that the high bidder doesn’t always win. Google will use various formulas to determine the quality of a certain ad. An ad with a higher quality score can actually have their ad rank higher in the results for a lower bid than another advertiser with a lower quality score. I know it sounds difficult, and it is.

PPC advertising can be extremely effective in getting a lot of targeted traffic to your website, but there is a steep learning curve so it’s not for the faint of heart. Using PPC can really get a lot of traffic very quickly, and it will be very targeted traffic which is exactly what your business needs. But with such a steep learning curve you have to make sure that you have enough advertising budget to stick with it long enough to hone your skills.

You can’t just plan on throwing all your advertising budget at one PPC campaign. If you don’t leave something left over you won’t be able to stick with it long enough to perfect your methods and keywords and you’ll never get to the point where it works for you. You’ll just spend a lot of money with little return.

If you approach it with the right frame of mind and enough of a budget, Google Adwords login can be your portal to a whole new world of online profit. If you don’t have a steady stream of targeted customers you don’t have a business, and PPC can provide you with that. Just make sure that you can stay the course long enough to figure it all out and actually make more than you spend.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Making It Work For You

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The Google Adwords keyword tool is a very well known, and highly used, tool for many online marketers. Many people use it for more than just running Pay Per Click Adwords campaigns. You can use this tool to narrow down a list of great keywords for your article marketing and search engine optimization needs to name just two.

When it comes to search engines Google is definitely one of the ‘big boys’ and since they have so much traffic on their search engine every single day, it only stands to reason that you can get very comprehensive keyword lists from their keyword tool.

When you are starting your keyword search, no matter what you are doing with those keywords, it’s usually a good idea to start with a fairly broad phrase. Once you’ve gotten a list you can narrow down on some of those terms.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re doing a search for the term ‘dog toys’ you will get many results and these results will be things like ‘tough dog toys’ and ‘interactive dog toys’. Then you can pick a few of the broad results and narrow those down further.

Take the term ‘tough dog toys’. When you do a search for that term you’ll get even more, and more refined, results such as ‘indestructible dog toys’. You’ll also get other results that may or may not work for you. Things such as ‘dog treats’ or ‘dog beds’.

With the more ‘honed down’ phrases, you’ll notice that they don’t get as many searches monthly as the broader phrases. That’s ok. Actually, in some ways, that’s better. Unless you have a huge advertising budget it’s unlikely that you can afford the high bid prices for the broad term of ‘dog toys’. The estimated Cost Per Click (CPC) is likely to be higher.

When you start paying over one dollar per click, you had better have a very highly converting offer. If you can convert one out of every ten visitors into a paying customer and you get over $10 per sale that’s not bad. But if you have to spend $50 for one sale and you only make $10, that’s not good. You won’t be able to stay so upside down in your advertising and be profitable, let alone stay in business for long.

Remember though that the ‘estimated average cost per click’ is just that: an estimate. Google, and the other search engines, seem to love to make things as complicated as possible. They will use their own, and usually secret, parameters for determining how much an advertiser will pay per click.

Generally, if you have a high quality score you can pay less per click for a given keyword than your competitor who has a low quality score will pay for the same keyword. It’s complicated, I know. That’s the reason you need to make sure you fully understand the ins and outs of PPC before you dive into the deep end of the pool.

Even if you do know what you’re doing there will be some ‘tweaking’ that will need to be done to optimize your results. Make sure you have enough money to run your campaigns long enough to do the ‘tweaking’ and really get the most out of your adwords campaign and the Google Adwords keyword tool.

Google Adwords Campaign Management – Key To Sucess

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If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, it will cost you… a lot. It’s so very important that you learn how works. There are a lot of variables that come into play when you set up an Adwords campaign, it is not a couple clicks and watch the traffic flow, far from it. You need to take some time, do some testing and repeat until you’ve got your campaigns dialed in.

Of course, if you have the budget, you can hire a firm to manage your campaigns for you. There are many places that will do this full time for you. They can set up all your campaigns, write the ads, adjust your daily budget, find the keywords, etc. It’s not cheap but if you have more money than time it may be a good option for you.

The most important element of any Adwords campaign is picking the right keywords. If you’ve used PPC even a little bit you no doubt realize that some keywords will cost you a lot more per click than others. In order to save yourself a lot of money, but still get solid click through rates (CTR’s) you will need to find those keywords that ‘fly under the radar’. They will still get a decent amount of searches but they aren’t as competitive.

These ‘long tailed keywords’ are actually keyword phrases. The one or two word keywords are almost always way to competitive for the average small internet marketer. Most smaller online marketers simply don’t have the budget to be able to compete on these keywords.

Another thing you will need to keep in mind is that all the major search engines, Google in particular, love to change things up. They really aren’t that concerned with the smaller online advertisers or the affiliate marketers. They are catering more to the people who actually do the searching as well as the big boys, the advertisers who spend millions a year. For that reason it’s tough for the little guy to keep up with the constantly changing rules which can make managing any Adwords campaign a real challenge.

If you want to lower your pay per click cost on a certain keyword, provide a quality ad. One of the ways Google decides how much everyone will spend on a certain keyword is by their quality score. Now, who in the heck knows exactly how they figure that but one component is your click through rate. The more people who actually click on your ad, the better your score will be and the lower your bid price will be.

The way Google looks at it is that if a lot of people are clicking on your ad it must be very relevant to the keyword you have targeted. That’s what they want so their searchers are kept happy. If you provide that relevance they will reward you by giving you a better quality score which can translate directly into lower bid prices for that keyword.

Google can be a little like the land of OZ, strange and mysterious and you never know what’s waiting around the next corner. To make your life easier try to find a professional to help you with your Google Adwords campaign management. If you can’t do that than at least keep these tips in mind when you set up your next campaign.